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Welcome to India Smart Tech Conference 2023 Accelerating Smart Solutions in the Indian Tech Ecosystem

The India Smart Tech Conference 2023 is set to unite pioneers in the technology landscape, investors, and visionary startup founders who are charting the course for the next wave of growth in the tech sector. This two-day extravaganza will encompass a spectrum of tracks spanning various industries and delve into how innovation is poised to drive prosperity for both the tech industry and aspiring entrepreneurs.


Sponsorship Package Single Item
No. Category Platinum (1 Sponsor) Gold (2 Sponsors) Silver (3 Sponsors) First-come first-served
Price 25,00,000 INR 15,00,000 INR 10,00,000 INR Unit Price / excl. GST
Branding & Logo Exposure
S1 Premier Booth Location Main Entrance Sponsor Zone Sponsor Zone -
S2 Promotional Video on LED Screen 7,50,000 INR
S3 Visitor Lanyard Sponsor 5,00,000 INR
S4 Hall Hanging Banner 1,25,000 INR
S5 Logo Exposure on Official Installations 1,25,000 INR
S6 The Common (Business /Press Lounge) Sponsor 75,000 INR
S7 IST Conf Stage Sponsor 75,000 INR
S8 Logo Exposure on Official Flyers Not for sale
S9 Exhibiting Space (Raw Space) 90 Sqm 54 Sqm 36 Sqm -
Marketing & Media Coverage
S10 Official Website Banner Ad 75,000 INR
S11 Press Release 75,000 INR
S12 eDM Banner Ad 50,000 INR
S13 Social Media Posting 37,500 INR
S14 VIP Online Invitation Logo Exposure Not for sale
S15 Official Website Logo Exposure Not for sale
Conference / Seminar
S16 Speaking Opportunity 1,25,000 INR
S17 IST Conf Bag Sponsor 75,000 INR
Demo Stage
S18 10 Minutes Slot 2,00,000 INR
S19 5 Minutes Slot 1,00,000 INR
S20 3 Minutes Slot 50,000 INR

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