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Welcome to India Smart Tech Conference 2023 Accelerating Smart Solutions in the Indian Tech Ecosystem

The India Smart Tech Conference 2023 is set to unite pioneers in the technology landscape, investors, and visionary startup founders who are charting the course for the next wave of growth in the tech sector. This two-day extravaganza will encompass a spectrum of tracks spanning various industries and delve into how innovation is poised to drive prosperity for both the tech industry and aspiring entrepreneurs.


Exhibitor Profiles

Industrial Revolution Technologies

• Artificial Intelligence Industrial Applications
• Industrial Robotics,
• Smart Grid Technologies
• The Internet of Things (IoT),
• Latest Sensor industrial Applications
• Genetic engineering applications

Factory Automation Solutions

• Factory Automation Firms
• Production Lines manufacturers
• Integrated Computer Aided Design
• New Manufacturing and Production Processes
• Manufacturing Process Management Systems
• Industrial Design Firms and 3D Printing

Retrofitting and Capacity Building

• Retrofitting of Existing Factories Experts
• Training and Capacity Building Systems
• Digital Networks Providers
• Advanced Soldering technologies firms
• Green and Recycling Technologies firms

Industrial Sector Consultants and Experts

• General Industrial Automation Consultants
• Specialized Consultants in Indian industrial Clusters
• Advanced Industrial Maintenance Solutions providers
• Factory Safety Systems Providers
• Advanced Fluid and Power systems
• Advanced manufacturing applications for Thermoplastics

Innovators, Start ups and SME organizations

• Industrial innovators
• Global industrial innovators
• Industrial SMEs
• Capacity building industry organizations
• Industry funding organizations
• Venture capital organizations
• Venture capital firms
• Venture capital firms
• SMA capacity

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