Abhimanyu Anil Londhe


Strategy, planning, finance, sales and global expansion... sector agnostic.... banking, constructions, Family office, Health Care, Hospitality, Infrastructure, Real Estate & wealth management

1) Private Equity fund & NBFC- raising funds and managing assets.

2) Real Estate - Industrial parks, townships, Residential & Commercial buildings covering, design development; project planing, execution, finance and sales.

3) Infrastructure - Roads, Elevated Bridges, Ports, Railway Stations covering project planing, execution & finance

4) Health care - Point of Care Rapid test kits; laboratory diagnosis of various diseases.

5) manufacturing - product sales, process management, strategy for expansion, fund raising

16:40 - 17:20 PM Panelist

Friday 8th Dec

The Fintech Ecosystem in India: An overview of India's evolving fintech landscape