Shailesh Kumar

Jio Reliance

We are living in very interesting times - the era of digital connectivity, AI, Internet, Cloud, and devices. The opportunity of using all these to transform Education, Agriculture, Healthcare, and Safety & Security is enormous.

We are building a world class team of AI Researchers, Data Scientists, Big Data Engineers, Software Engineers, Architects, Product Managers, SME’s, and Visionaries to help realise this potential, pushing the boundaries of what AI can do, and advancing the state of the art in AI.

Areas: Machine Learning, AI, Deep Learning, Quantum AI, Computer Vision, Speech, Language understanding, Knowledge Graph, Conversational computing, and IoT.

If interested, Please send resume to: Jio.ai@ril.com

14:30 - 15:10 PM Panelist

Friday 8th Dec

Digital Embers: Illuminating Social Resilience

17:45 - 18:05 PM Guest

Friday 8th Dec

AI in Financial Services: Leveraging artificial intelligence for smarter financial decisions